Hey Guys,

I have been working on my portfolio project.
I based my work off the template so it might look a bit zany:


Sorry about the weblink apparently I cant post a link yet :expressionless:
(None of the links have been set to work yet)


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There you go. Nice site.

You could remove the gaps if you want to by setting your body margin to 0. Looks nice though, gj!

Cheers man, appreciate it!

Good work…
I really like the design of the site…!!

This looks clean.

I would just delete the white margin around your page. You can add html { margin: 0;} it also make your navigation bar to take all the width of the page (right know it goes all the way right but there is a margin left. This looks strange).

I would also put your h1, h3 {margin: auto} so it center with the rest of the page.



Looks good, one thing however is the view all projects link,
It goes to FCC’s page in codepen? That should go to your codepen page
good job

Yeah, like I said I used FCC’s template and just customized the view. I haven’t got round to changing the links but will do.

Thanks that works a charm.

Cheers for taking the time to review it.