Portfolio Review

Hi all!

I would like to share my Portfolio and get some feedback :slight_smile:

Please, let me know about mistakes or things that can be improved.


It looks great! I really like the design, everything is laid out in a pleasing way. :smiley:

Just a few grammar things. “Responsiveness” is spelled incorrectly in your introduction, and “taking care of the details” could be simplified to “attention-to-detail.”

Under the Quote Machine project, “delivers” is spelled incorrectly.

Overall, nice job! Just add more projects as you complete them especially since you list a lot of skills that aren’t used in the ones listed.

Very good job, congrats!

Just check “Quote machine” url it’s redirecting to drum machine codepen.

Those mispellings have been corrected. Definitely, I will watch my grammar and spelling more carefully from now on :slightly_smiling_face:

About the skills, yes! I am going to start working on a full-stack project that gather some of the skills listed in the portfolio.

Thank you very much codemamba for your feedback!

Hi daspinola,

I have corrected that link (I have only a few projects so it is crucial that those links are correct).

Thank you a lot for your feedback!

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