Portfolio review

Hello everyone,
Please take a moment to look over my portfolio. Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated, here is the link to the website:

Looks great overall! Here’s what I noticed in a quick glance:


  • Add a personalized favicon so that it’s not the default cra one
  • don’t use pure white or black as the contrast is a bit too blinding. I usually use #efefef and #333 or something like that
  • In the “Recipes App” sectoin the Github repo should have a hover effect . Same for “Flutter” section and all following sections. Maybe add a border too for clarity
  • The flutter graphic is being cut off and shows a small part of an incomplete card. Make it so that it’s just one card
  • The footer button takes the user back to top, so maybe just label it exactly that, “Top”
  • since you have your email address, mind as well set a mailto functionality so that onClick will route the user to an email, OR at least make something so that if you press it, it will save on the user’s clipboard with a message “copied to clipboard!”
  • I love the hover color change for the linkedin and github footer buttons, but I like putting a transition so that there’s a tiny delay. try .2 or .3 seconds

Tablet size

  • there is a logo to the right of the “About” nav item that is clickable (there is a cursor pointer prop) but it doesn’t do anything
  • each section header is too close to the previous section’s last item. add slight margin?
  • the graphics for the flutter course is not great

As the view port gets narrower, the nav starts to break. I suspect you did desktop-first, which is totally fine, but I would work a little more on the smaller break points. Overall, looks great and good job!

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From a quick glance perhaps shrink the header down and make it a little more responsive. The arrow pointing down is cut off the screen on my phone and defeats the purpose of I’m already scrolling down and notice it

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Thanks for great feedback :smiley:

Thanks for response :smiley:

Cool, looks good.

What is the purpose here? Are you looking for clients or a job?

If you are looking for a job, I would want to make it easier to figure out who you are. What type of job are you looking for? Where are you located? What skills do you have? I would want summary and skills sections at the top.

Also, change the favico from the default. And notice that when you post the link, it previews with “Web site created using create-react-app” - fix that.

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It is “looking for job portfolio” thanks for advice :grin:

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