Portfolio Rework

My first attempt at a portfolio was a kludged-together-mess just to finish the challenge. I was in no way ready for it. Now I have a few more skillz I’ve been working on putting together something a little more presentable. I’m trying to make it without any libraries or frameworks, except for Font Awesome for the icons. I’m not quite done styling it up, but what do you all think so far?

New hotness

Just for the lulz, here’s my original attempt for comparison:

Old busted

Anyone there? I’d love to hear any thoughts

I like the 3D and shadow effect for the portfolio, and I like the wood background.

One thing I’d change is I’d make the wooden background more seamless instead of it looking like two separate backgrounds.

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:slight_smile: Thanks,

I’m definitely going to do something with the background, I’ve been thinking about using a simpler background for the ‘About’ and ‘Portfolio’ sections, not to distract from the content.

I like that you show the before and after. It speaks volumes of how you improved your skills. Aside from the wooden background that needs to flow more seamlessly to the next section. It’s pretty good.

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