Portfolio, round 2


I did a redesign of my portfolio in between projects.

Last time I know some people were having issues with a horizontal scroll bar appearing. I want to check if anyone has that issues now? Also, is there anything else you feel could be better?

Hi !

I really like your navbar shift when decreasing screen !

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Hey, you mean how the social icons on the right stay anchored there?

I’m not sure I understood what you meant huuu
Do you mean the transition from line to hamburger menu ?
If yes, I understood :smiley: if not, need some details ^^

Greetings @jonathanrace77,

That’s a nice portfolio :slight_smile:!

If you want to center the images on the skills section, you can add this CSS to .skills-container-inner img :

display: flex;
justify-self: center;

Hi thanks mate, I must be missing something because I tried that and it didn’t do anything? Aren’t they already centered? :sweat_smile:

Ah! no, I misread. Yeah I played around until the menu broke down at the top and forced the menu elements onto different lines, then I set the breakpoint there!

Hey @jonathanrace77,

They’re showing this way:

If you apply:

display: flex;
justify-self: center;

To .skills-container-inner img, they’ll be completely centered!

Interesting! What browser, os are you using?

Hi jonathanrace77,

Minor suggestion. Adding a scroll effect when clicking navbar buttons, but overall neat design. especially the skills section

Love the sound of that! Could this be done in CSS? Or is it JS?

Hey @jonathanrace77,

I’m using Firefox… On Chrome, they’re all centered!

Oh wow :0 I should start checking more often in FF. Thanks for that mate, updated now :slight_smile:

Hi, nice portfolio page :+1:. Looking gud :slight_smile: