Portfolio Site. Any feedback is welcomed!

Hello everyone! I just finished and deployed my Portfolio site to Netlify. Any feedback, positive or negative is welcomed! Thanks in advanced
Portfolio site

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Its amazing. But just check About.

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Thank you! I don’t have anything in the About section yet. I always found it hard to talk about myself :smile:

You did a great job. very impressive. It is a bit monochrome and is very glitchy. It takes forever to load and when I scroll, it bugs the life out of my computer.

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What’s in there though?

It looks nice, but my laptop had a seizure when I opened it. I can’t check the full page because my browser freezes.

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Sorry for the delay in response! Here’s the repo on GitHub My Portfolio

Thanks Conner! I got your email. Sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve been really busy. I’m not sure why it’s glitchy. It’s taking a while for it to load on my desktop as well. But once it loads everything is smooth. I need to check performance issues. Only thing I can think of that might be causing it to load slow is the images, which I optimized

Its amazing. i just check this

It’s a good looking page.

The background-attachment: fixed; with such large images is lagging the page in Chrome. I believe it’s a known bug. In Firefox the page is fine.

In any case, there is no reason for the images to be so big, the largest one is 4.56MB and its resolution is 7360x4912. Compress and resize the images down. Make them around 1600px wide and use as much compression as you can get away with. The night time city images will not compress down well and may introduce some banding (they have some banding and artifacts already). It can be fixed a bit in an image editor.

  1. Give your text element containers some max-width and center them. The text is flowing too far out to the sides, on larger screens, it doesn’t look good. I’d also give the cta-div section a bit more vertical space to make the elements breathe and not sit so close to each other.

  2. I would center the inputs inside the form and just put the labels on top of the inputs. You should also give the submit button cursor: pointer;.

  3. I would remove the default margin on the body and make it a full page look, or at least remove the top margin to make the nav sit flush.