Portfolio site review

I was wondering if anyone would mind reviewing my portfolio page. Portfolio
I’ve been trying to treat the projects as though I have a deadline on them, so I’ve made them as simple and zen-like as I could manage. The portfolio I update every project completed, and try to make it slightly better each time. I feel it’s missing something though.

Just wanted to let you know that the above link does not seem to be working :smiley:

Whoops. Fixed it. I forgot how BBCode worked, I guess.

Hey Alex, here is some stuff that I noticed in your portfolio:


  • Responsive design

  • Professional about the pic.


  • The blue highlight on about me does not change when you go to different sections, and so you rather have to add the functionality to change the highlight on each section or just remove it because if it only highlights about me kinda doesn’t make any sense to ME.

  • Your pic is good and professional but the resolution man… you should generally use only high-resolution pics in your portfolio IMO, cuz it has a big impact, especially for a FRONT END dev.

  • Each of your past project frames has a different size, same goes for your footer icons.

  • You need to mention your related skills and experience or goals that you have in your about section.

Thank you. I’ll try to implement mist of that when I get home from work. I never noticed the blue button until you said something. Now it bugs me…