Portfolio- thoughts and feedback

Gonna throw this out there- my portfolio site- getting motivated to move on (long story)…


A couple of things:

  1. The Kuku project is not deployed- I’m having issues trying to get it to deploy correctly. Still working on it. Thus why the demo button is disabled

  2. I know that the other projects are likely not responsive (yet- was working on THIS project lol)

  3. I did not use the FCC test tool to test- I don’t know if it would pass or not.

  4. Definitely will need to clean up my code (a lot of commented out stuff).

So am open to suggestions etc.
Closes eyes and leaps in

Thank you :slight_smile:

Awesome portfolio! You can do better. Try downloading Google Lighthouse and see what you can improve on.

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Thank you! I’ll have to look into Google Lighthouse. It was suggested I look into using CSS Bem for organizing css.

I’ve updated it a bit- looks better on Chrome as it was pointed out to me it didn’t look right (I forget that my browsers are not set to 100% rather at 115-125%).

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I also suggest editing the css when you inspect an element on chrome. It changes in real time.