Portfolio updates

Hello friends,

Now that I’ve recently finished the Front-End certificate, I’d like to update/revamp my portfolio page. Before I do, I’d like to get some feedback on the old page. I’m looking for specifics here…what looks good, what looks bad, what should I keep, what should I throw away and start over. One thing I already know I need to do is update the contact forms at the bottom of the page.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

EDIT: Forgot to include the actual link: https://codepen.io/tlannoye11/full/wgLOyq/

ill start with things i like
1-the nav-bar looks very generic and basic.
-2-try using a better font, make the text a little bit bigger to its easier to read overall all the text in the page needs more attention;
the background images i didn’t like but that might be just a my personal taste;

lastly if you have time take this 3 hours amazing free course on Udimy Web Design for Web Developers it will teach you a ton of tricks on how to make your work more professional and most importantly a ton of free resources (where to find high quality icons images color pallets …)

I hope that was helpful
good luck