Portfolio - UX Design Process


So I was getting my portfolio together and starting polishing my “best” work when I started watching a couple of portfolio critiques on YouTube and were a bit of an eye opener, so I watch a tutorial on UX and developed 3 deliverables that will help me do wireframing

  • Persona: My target user (which I based from at least 3 Web Dev/Youtubers)
  • Empathy Map - Is a sort of put yourself in the shoes of that person, and write what that person my feel, think, say, do.
    -User Flow- A chart showing how based on the user needs that person wants and needs.

You can see the 3 documents here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SOxOUmQY6rMY4F2Zcg4Nsz257ZbJkjwkUGpowgm5res/edit?usp=sharing

This exercise help me analyze how to better organize my section and show first what the users want to see.

Since I haven’t interacted with any Technical recruiter, I’d like to hear about anyone that knows more about their pain points