Portfolio V2.0 - Have I gotten better in 2 years?

Original portfolio from 2 years ago: https://codepen.io/Quantik/full/NvmwKW
Newer version: https://codepen.io/Quantik/project/full/ZLbdMz
Have I improved?

Maybe hard to see a difference but I noticed you master the loading bar circle which is cool.

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It’s more fluid but I can still see a few design flaws. I don’t think web development should be the first thing you read on a portfolio page. At first thought it makes me think Im reading an article about web development.

I also think your projects header needs to be responsive. It’s a turn off having to scroll a couple times on my computer to see the header and then scroll back up to see the projects on the right.

Actually i’ll expand that to the whole page. There’s so many icons that I have to scroll twice to get through them all and your projects get pushed under the projects header on smaller screens.

Overall your portfolio looks a lot better and I can tell you’ve learned a lot since you made the 1st one but your responsiveness hasn’t improved at all.

I would really focus on that, it really limits your audience. If a potiental employer visited your portfolio on their phone it would be a huge turn off.

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I just focused on making it prettiest I could responsiveness wasn’t on my mind.
Now I’m thinking about adding everything necessary for the mobile layout and I will probably make it look different.

I got it from https://loading.io and changed to make it fit the project

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Avoid using @import in your css.
Use <link rel="stylesheet" href="cssfile"> in HTML instead. Why?

It render blocks all of your css until it completes.

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That came with the bootstrap stylesheet I hadn’t even noticed it

your first one is amazing, but the second one is OUTSTANDING!!
the only thing that is not good from your second one is that it takes forever to load and is pretty glitchy.

Thumbs up brother u killed it!!

You have improved. transitions and the layout are all more advanced.

There are some things I would suggest improving:

The colors scheme with the orange with black text is hard to look at. Use modern colors like white, black and gray.

Use CSS Transitions to add animation to your contact hover link elements.

It’s not responsive, the text is cut off on smaller screens. Use Flexbox to design a flexible webpage using boxes.

The project section doesn’t look very expandable without losing the side text effect.


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Bro…for one thing u have improved…alot.
Just like everybody else said u just need to work on making it responsive…but overall i as one love your project…thumbs up