Portfolio(v3) feedback request

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a great week. It’s been a while since completing all FCC certificates, and unfortunately still have not found a job. Thought I’d see if I can get any feedback on my newest portfolio (and any projects if you feel so inclined).

You can find it at:


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Wow its nice good job

Hi @jpstanway

I hope it is okay that I give some partial feedback–I’ve looked at the portfolio itself and Konsole King so far.

My first impression is that everything is solidly made, responsive and quick. Well done! The portfolio is concise and to the point, which is great. I’m not stoked about Source Sans Pro for the headings - I think it is fine for the paragraphs but it could be worthwhile to try pairing those with another clean sans font that is more geared towards displays for the headings. When browsing fonts on Google fonts there is a pairing function which I find very helpful.

I’m not sure how I feel about the permanent marker text in the upper left corner. Since your full name is already typed out I wonder if it could be switched out for a nice logo with just the letters JS.

I would give the nav-bar links some left-right padding so they’re not creeping up on each other, and when in expanded hamburger view I’d opt for a dark background with white text.

The projects grid is great, I’d just make sure that the project titles line up across the page. Since the preview images are so close to being the same size it doesn’t strike me as a variable-size grid.

I wonder if somewhere–perhaps on/near the contact-card–a tiny something could be added that gives a better picture of you, if you have any specific interests or specializations in the field. Also, the contact card could perhaps urge to action a bit more with a “I’m open to new opportunities - let’s chat!” or something similar.

As for Konsole King, I think it appears very well put together, but some thought could be given to the way elements are placed and the way they shift around.

Consider amending the contact details into the footer somewhere. It would make sense for the “wish-list” and “your orders” to be moved into a drop-down menu from the “My account” in the top menu. I’d try placing the checkout icon there as well, which you’d expect in the upper right corner.

As for mobile, when I narrow my view port everything in the upper area starts to line up vertically, wasting a lot of space. I’d opt to have everything in a horizontal strip the size of the uppermost gray header, perhaps trying even to amend everything into that header somehow, with the search bar centered.

Just a few things off top of my head! Tiny disclaimer here is that I’m new to the front end game so everything could very well be taken with a grain of salt.

Keep going at it, I’m sure you’ll find something very soon because overall impression is great!

@qvistsson Thanks for taking the time to look it over! There’s a lot of good suggestions in there for me to work with, so that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Your portfolio looks professional and as you’re looking for tips, perhaps you could modify the background? The colours are looking blushed away so they don’t part enough from your grey/green banners.

Perfect Responsiveness :+1:
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