Portfolio Web Page - What do you think?

Hi Guys! Here is my Portfolio Page

I have Trouble with the Navbar on PC/Notebook Screens. Maybe you can help me out in this one. I just can’ t find the bug. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Very cool :)! i get a nice futuristic digital feel from this, well done!

THANKS prime23! I really appreciate it!!!

Nice portfolio! There is a typo in your code <div class="navabr-header"> should be <div class="navbar-header"> and I would make your navbar links horizontally instead of vertically because it interferes with the rest of your page. Plus when the navbar collapses have on either the right or left instead of center. Also, run W3C Validator https://validator.w3.org/ for any errors. Hope this helps!


Hey Matt! Thank you so much for your opinion and advice! Cheers all the way to Canada!

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No worries MarCodeMetz. Happy to help! Cheers to you too! :slight_smile: