Portfolio Web Page

This has been a great adventure! Here’s my portfolio Web Page and there is a link on my portfolio Web page to my tribute page also. It’s optimized for mobile, but looks good on desktop too, minus a slightly too large gap at the top of the page. Let me know what you think!

I actually made two portfolio web pages, one with HTML tables and this responsive one.

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Looks good. However, you can check and modify the code for the “skill” thing.

Sure. Thanks for the feedback. Could you tell me what doesn’t look right?

1.In the skills portion: check the margin.If possible use some different font for skills.
2.Also check the spelling of portfolio.
3. Instead of writing a huge para, break it. It becomes a bit easy to read.

Rest looks fine.:sunglasses:

Thanks for the feedback! I’m not expecting it to ever be stellar, because with my math background, I’ll probably be doing back end or software engineering ultimately, but I wanted something good enough to show that I can learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to look it over for me! I greatly appreciate it!

This is amazing. Best website on internet!

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Wow! Thanks! That’s really encouraging!