Portfolio Webpage - HELP

Hi, fellow campers!

I already finished the first few courses for “Front End Development Certificate” and I am now at the point where you should design your own personal portfolio web page. But there is an issue, was there any lesson about how buttons can do specific actions? Did I miss something? or am I not the level needed for this exercise?
And why are functions like “img-responsive” not working?

I hope someone can help me

thanks in advance

If you refer to the navigation: You can use <a id="#myDiv">Click here to go to my div with an id of 'myDiv'</a> to link to a div on your page.

You probably didn’t include Bootstrap (Or the wrong version). You can include Bootstrap under Settings > JavaScript

I recently finished this challenge myself, and though I am not a professional programmer yet, I have been studying for a while now, so some of this is more review for me. As for your issue, the “img-responsive” may not be working if you haven’t configured CodePen to run Bootstrap. This is a Bootstrap class that can be added to images to make them responsive. I think instructions for enabling Bootstrap are listed in the course pages when signing up for CodePen.

As for the buttons, they don’t need to perform actions themselves. They need to be turned into links to other pages. Though, it’s really more like turning a link into a button, if it helps to think of it that way. I hope this helps.