Portfolio Website Advice Needed

Hi, I’m looking for just a little general advice. I’m not a designer, but I thought I’d ask what you guys think. Everything done from scratch.

It is hard to give a good assessment just based on screenshots. It would be better if you post a link to the project online.

The landing part of the page seems a bit text-heavy, I would move some of the text to the about page. You might also want to have more of an attention grab on the landing page and be more to the point.

Thank you…My name is…Please take a look at my projects…For more information about me and contact info…

I’m not sure how I feel about the card design on the landing page, it looks too much like a letter.

If you need to explain how something works it isn’t very good UX. If you don’t need to explain it, don’t. You have explanations for both the navigation and the project cards, I would remove that. You are also telling the user what each page is for, that seems a bit redundant. If some of this was done to fill space maybe consider making it a single page instead.

The design feels a little bland. I would try looking around for some more inspiration. If you do want to have a super simple look, I’d go with a black/white/gray flat look, maybe with some accent or highlight colors used tactically. If you go with this type of design the typography needs to be pretty strong.

Not sure I really gave you much in the way of feedback on the design.

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I would post a link but it’s not live yet. This is running through Live Server on a local host.