Portfolio Website Feedback (@b3u)

I just completed my personal website. I had actually written a website already, but it didn’t look very good. Tell me what you think!
Here’s a link to the website: https://b3u.github.io/Labyrinth-Studios/

I think this has a great layout. The only thing is that your portfolio items are squished so you can see what they are.

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Thanks. I did have trouble with the portfolio layout.

Nice and clean. I like how the text slides over on hover. I just noticed that on screen width 1050-750 px there are only one column with projects, but on smaller screens it comes back to two. And then description text comes too close to the edge (missing padding on my opinion). I think one column on smallest screens would be better, just my opinion. And on IE it is a mess:) I could not make mine work properly on IE too…

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