Portfolio website - Getting a front-end developer job

Hi everyone, I’ve decided to get serious and find a front-end developer job to align myself with my future goals. I’ve spent most my life so far working as a busser/dishwasher/sou chef and feel like I could do more. What I am asking is, in your honest opinion, is the following portfolio enough to land a job or should I do some more work?

http://exogenist.tech/ - portfolio website
http://exogenist.tech/Resume.html - resume



I love the design!
Just one thing: I’ve read multiple HR people saying that bars indicating your knowledge of a particular skill should be avoided. I haven’t looked for a job so far, just commenting on what I’ve read.
I love your portfolio and wish you best of luck with the job hunt!! :smiley:


Thank you, that is something I will change soon

Dang man, just wanted to tell you how good this website looks, makes me want to go back to mine and just start over from the very beginning. My only gripe was about the placement of your education, but I do believe it’s better to show off which skills you believe you want to target employers the most with.

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I feel the same way when I view all the awesome work out there. Actually this is the third time I’ve re-done my portfolio and I would highly recommend redoing it. Unfortunately the best I have is a high-school education, almost, so I’m kinda insecure about it.

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hey could I you a few questions? id like to develop my portfolio like you… you mind checking my portf. site out? http://www.devebeme.com

id also like to make a boutique site for someone… I have a rough idea… how did you go about this? you use any source material or guides? thank you in advance

I totally understand you feeling insecure, but please don’t! You made an awesome portfolio and in this industry talent counts way more than degrees, and having projects to show are your best bet. I don’t have a degree either btw :slight_smile:

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I like your profile. It’s nice and responsive and your code is logically laid out. I especially like that you have your own hosted domain. Adds to the credibility. The only thing I would fix is the hover images before the check out media links section. It’s a little hard to read the text. as the images have text behind them.

When I’m designing sites for clients I like to follow the PSD to HTML template work-flow as I have a lot of experience in design. For source material, freefrontend.com is a great resource for inspiration. I typically don’t use much of the code from there other than for inspiration in building and designing my own components.

I must warn, even though the trend is not to reinvent the wheel I’ve found out that many source materials break in unexpected ways which take a long time to fix. What I do is I build my own components and keep a library or UI kit that I test continually to make sure it works on all major platforms. My site is using a few of those components that I built using the conditions laid out in googles material design. It’s also the reason why I redid my portfolio three times already. Because I used some popular framework which turned out to be too much trouble so ended up using custom code. That isn’t to say popular frameworks aren’t any good, after-all I used bootstrap 4 in my project, just be careful of where it works and doesn’t work.

This is encouraging. For both of our sake I wish you a fruitful and rewarding outcome on your journey. Keep up the good work.

Where do you host your website, I’ve been looking for a good place, and all i was told is to avoid goDaddy.

I actually do use go daddy, they aren’t that expensive… and have not experienced any major issues

I have used GoDaddy, and Network Solutions in the past. Now i find it much cheaper to buy the domain name(s) from say, GoDaddy… but then host and build the site(s) on Digital Ocean droplets. Food for thought.


Hey, Awesome job… Just at the bottom, Community is Spell wrong :wink:

Website looks great - think i really shows off your front end skills
any projects that you can add to show your backend skills? you have on your title that you are a full stack developer so it would be good to highlight some of those skills as well

Thanks for pointing out those errors guys!

@JuanTamad That’s a nice debugging tool. Used it to fix all errors.

@BarryBlack Corrected spelling mistake.

@AerospaceEngineerBad I’m working on some backend projects now but they are about a month away till completion so I put Javascript developer instead.

It looks nice. I would get rid of the “confidence” graphs - it seems wishy-washy. Just list what you work with. And I would not link to codepen - it is not a serious development tool and seems amateurish. I use codepen to try things out from time to time as well, but anything worth showing off should be hosted somewhere. Codepen is training wheels.

But it looks nice.