Portfolio Website - review

Hey guys!

I have finally finished my website at www.codepiranha.com !

My plan is to use it to say few things about me and to showcase the projects I have completed and will complete in the future. It is built as a static site with HTML/CSS/JavaScript with extended use of CCS/SASS and a little bit of bootstrap.
I have hosted it using an AWS S3 bucket.

I am planning to start applying for jobs in a month, as I recently received my freecodecamp certification, so hopefully this site will help to show that I am not a total noob even though I have no professional experience!

What do you think?

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Your portfolio is very good, I do enjoy the animations and the overall layout. Although you should definitely work on a bigger project so you have something ‘bigger’ to showcase. I would suggest you try out React and build a Recipe Box.


Thanks mate! Yeah, I was thinking that I need 1-2 bigger projects to show. Hopefully, until the end of the year I’ll make it happen! Thanks for the tips!

Your portfolio is very nice.i am enjoy the animation and the overall layout. and one thing you can use some attractive color on your site.