Portfolio with CSS-grid and CSS styled mobile menu. Feedback appreciated!

Hi everyone,

Almost done with my portfolio page and I would really appreciate your feedback! Since I had little to no front-end experience I challenged myself to make everything with HTML and CSS. No bootstrap is used, instead I learned some CSS-grid to make the site responsive.

I hope to hear what you like, don’t like and what you think of my code. I’ve used CSS Comb to make the CSS a little more edible :crazy_face:

You can find my site here: https://sanderniesten.github.io/
and the code here: https://github.com/SanderNiesten/SanderNiesten.github.io

Still to-do:

  • make a github icon appear when hovering over the pictures of the projects.
  • when opening the menu, within the small media query (<700px), making the rest of the page more dark (read: use a greyscale)
  • add another cv in English
  • change the on ‘hover’ methode with my projects in the mobile version. Right now i don’t like how that feels when operating the site on a mobile device.
  • check for spelling errors.