Portfolio with scrollspy and timeline

Hi fellow campers,

This is my portfolio. Portfolio with scrollspy and time line

I’m not a guy that knows much about design, much more a functional type of guy. My goal in this step is to gain enough knowledge about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and able to modified existing codes to suit my needs. I kindly ask your feedback, comments or question. I am happy to contribute back my knowledge in cloud computing especially in AWS, Linux, hypervisors etc to fellow campers.


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Excellent is the word, and i thought my portfolio looks cool.:smiley:

Wow! It looks really cool

Looks like you put a lot of time and effort into your project… Very Nice!

The timeline looks great, and it was a great idea to include it.
However, did you notice that if you go to the Contact Me section and hover on one of the icons, the page scrolls up by itself? A rather interesting behaviour, methinks, I wonder what the cause is.