Portfolio Work in progress

I know there are some mistakes. Be kind I am an old man!

lawsanx Portfolio Challenge

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Your content is simple and unique, but your background is really busy. That means, the texts without backgrounds seems to blend with your background(Which basically has texts as well) resulting into a distorted look for me! Maybe try changing your backgrounf to a more non-busy one or just use plain white, since minimalism, again, is a very good trend this year!!


Thank you for your feedback. I agree the image is a bit loud.
My original plan was to use opaque boxes to house the content. The toggle beat me up with a stupid mistake for a day so I decided to go with it once fixed.

hum i personaly think you should understand the concepts that you have used. forget about the colors and the constrast for now. just think about how to get stuff done properly. was a good start :slight_smile: keep up the good work
and yeah you could search for some colors for your website and stuff

there is a good website for picking colors :

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background a bit busy.

Yes, background is a bit busy.

Beyond that, to my partially trained eye, your portfolio is very responsive with a clean design.


meanwhile this is my first website but i’m redoing it :slight_smile:

actualy don’t know why the broken link in image but i will fix that

Was built on mobile aproach without css queries for larger screens. my websites for clients have like 5 to 6 queries up to 1920px

and hope this is a good tip :slight_smile: always start design or programming thinking in mobile first :slight_smile:

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