Position Aware Hover Button

I want to create a position hover button. I have a forked version of a pen on codepen. However, the same code when run on JSFiddle, it doesn’t work as intended. When I export the code from Codepen and run it locally, it works as intended however when I embed the snippet in my project code, it doesn’t show the intended result. Please help.

Where are you running the project code which does not show the intended result.

I did notice the JSFiddle was not working the same as the Codepen. In the JSFiddle, there was some kind of jQuery error due to the following line:

$("[href=#]").click(function(){return false});

I changed it to the following and the jQuery error went away in the console, but it did not resolve the difference in the effect on hover.

$('a[href="#"]').click(function(){return false});