Positioning Text- Portfolio

Hey guys, I’m working on my portfolio page, and I made it so that a picture is on the left side of the web page, and then on the right side I have text. However, after that, how can I write text that will appear directly underneath without having to position my next lines by manually writing the pixel positions? I hope this makes more sense by looking at my codepen: https://codepen.io/dg2465/pen/zRdWaM … Basically, whenever I write text below my current HTML code, the text just goes back to the top, so how can I make it go automatically under my current text?

Since you added Bootstrap 4 to your project, I would suggest reading about the Bootstrap Grid System. It helps you layout your page without having to specify positions as you were trying to do.

FYI - imgur blocks images from Codepen, so I can not see your image.

Exactly what I need, thanks for the link!