Positioning using Grid- Mess on Safari Browser

Hello everyone!

I have been using codepen on google chrome working on The local weather challenge.

When I used safari, it looked like a mess.

I created empty divs just to position the rest of item. Is that bad?

They use diferent engines so taht is a core problem I have found some diferences so take a look:
Different rendering engines. Chrome uses Blink, while Safari uses WebKit.
Safari is a native application, Chrome is not. Safari, therefore, is extremely power efficient due to being made specifically for Macs.
Chrome has vastly more add-on support.
Chrome has sync to any device that has Chrome. Safari, likewise, syncs to all your Macs and iOS devices.
Safari is only updated yearly, whereas Chrome is constantly improving. This means Chrome is more up to date in terms of web standards and compliancy.
Chrome supports WebM, VP8 and VP9, as well as Ogg Vorbis. Safari cannot play these files natively.
Chrome can be themed.

Nothing is wrong with your code they just read code direfent.

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Thank you :smiley: I’m glad I wasn’t off track.