Positon: fixed doesnt work

please take a look at my pen. I want to fix the the position of the autocomplete-button to its initial position. having the property position: fixed (at the very end of the css code) doesnt seem to work and the button seeps to the bottom on getting search results. Any solutions will be appreciated.

That’s because you don’t set a top | right | bottom | left. AFAIK you can’t easily position fix an element to the position it was first rendered. It should be possible with JS, though.

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i have tried setting the right and bottom properties of the button but they have absolutely no affect on it.

It does work, but you misspelled position.

while (existence) {
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while we are at it, what do you think of my app?

Looks simple ( in a good way ). Random button doesn’t work. And you should really remove the hover animation. It looks super weird that the text moves away and the other divs also move (of course that’s over exaggerated, but I personally think it is a bad idea). I would suggest a simple background change animation or left-border color change. Good job on adding the possiblity to see more results!

actually, there is no hover animation. I am just adding a box to each entry on hover, it looks like an animation because of the padding.I stayed true to wikipedia’a own design philosophy and limited the color palette to B&W. I am looking for inspiration to animate each entry on hover while not losing on minimalism.