Possibility of storing solutions in other places?

I signed back in recently and saw that all had changed. I couldn’t go back to any of my curriculum/lessons to review my works. I have to re-write code for basic lessons such as HTML/ CSS when I only want to view my solutions at a glance. But I do know that I can access my JavaScript Algorithms project solutions in my profile after reading other articles.

Also, I found out that all the solutions (curriculum/lessons) was supposed to be stored in my local cache. It somehow doesn’t work for me since when I write a solution and click on the button to run the tests to go to next lesson and then go back to review, it revert to its previous code before I made any changes. Also I think that storing the solutions in local cache is impractical since people would accidentally clear their cache and then lose their work. Additionally, @QuincyLarson quote

  1. the rest of the challenges are designed to be as bite-sized as possible (they can usually be completed in less than 2 minutes). Yet the solutions for these challenges are taking up ~75% of the total volume of our database, and making our user records extremely large and our entire platform slow, so we don’t plan to store them any more.

Meaning, that millions of accounts is taking up space in FreeCodeCamp’s database and thus, they doesn’t store it anymore.

Therefore, I was wondering if it’s possible to connect to other places such as Github, Google Drive, etc to store all the solutions and retrieve it from those places when user go back to a certain lesson?

When you finish a challenge, you should see an option to download your solution. If you choose to do that, the solution will be formatted as JSON. You can save locally or on a remote service like GitHub.