Possible Angular assignment from a company


I am a Junior developer and recently had an interview with a company that provides desktop gadgets.

They invited me to the 2nd interview which is technical and I was told that it will be an hour of coding and this assignment will be just to see my approach to the certain situations.

I don’t have any live coding experience and don’t know what kind of assignment to expect.

Can you tell me possible assignments and which points to take care in the process of coding and googling?

Thanks for your time in advance.

1 hour isn’t much time, so the problem will probably go “unfinished” if you’re assigned a sizable problem/project.

The main goal of these sorts of tests is to see how effective you are at communicating your thought process, and less so about your current direct programming skills.

Such “live coding” problems usually can be a little nerve-wracking, so try to stay calm and just know it’s all a learning experience. Try to be yourself, acknowledge your “new to this” and just go from there. Interviewers understand it’s a vulnerable position to be in, and being nervous is normal. Just take a deep breath and focus on the problem at hand with the help of your interviewer, as they are there to help you and see how you are working with others.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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