Possible Bug on HTML lesson "Wrap Radio buttons in a fieldset element..."

Hello guys / gals. I’m taking the challenge of " Wrap Radio Buttons in a fieldset Element for Better Accessibility". I think I’ve followed all instructions correctly: replaced all div tags with fieldset (opening and closing tags), same with the p tags, replacing with legend, but the result when I run test is “Your code should not have any div tags”.

Any mistake by my side? Please help. thanks in advance

HI @wismar.pulido !

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Please provide the link to the challenge.
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Hi jwilkins.oboe. This is the link

Please post your code so we can test it on our end.

But I just tested this challenge and it passed for me.
So you probably have a browser extension messing with the tests.
I am using google chrome without extensions and it works fine.

Yes, surely it was my browser. I did it again from my phone and it worked. I was using Firefox 97, and now I could complete the challenge with Firefox Mobile.

Thanks Jessica. Truly appreciate it.

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