Possible Dead Link in Tribute Page?

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I’m currently stuck on the first Responsive Web Design Project, the Tribute Page.
At the bottom of the instruction page it lists a link where I should be able to test my new website created in codepen (I did not fork from the given website), but the link just displays as a huge pile of text for me, and I can’t figure out how I should test anything with it.
Can’t include links since i am new in the forum.
The link to the possibly dead site comes after this paragraph:
’ Or you can use this CDN link to run the tests in any environment you like: ’

Thank You
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You can share a part of your link like leaving out h of https.

I removed the h at the start of the links
Okay, so the challenge I am stuck on is this one:

And the dead links is this one:

if you want to include the test link on your project you have to use script

<script src="here_the_given_link"></script>