Possible error in a Scientific Computing with Python autograder

There seems to be a problem in one Scientific Computing with Python autograder, specifically in the Budget App exercise. Here, the test “test_create_spend_chart” in test_module.py (the hyperlink points to my own replit boilerplate for this exercise) seems to indicate that the totals in the ledgers food, entertainment, and business should be 794.5, 866.6, and 889.01, respectively. This would lead to a rough ratio of 30:30:30 (out of 100) when rounded down, and definitely not to one of 0:70:20 as indicated.

Did I misunderstand the challenge setting, or is there actually a mistake in the test here?

Yes you did. The part you missed was:

The percentage spent should be calculated only with withdrawals and not with deposits.

Well that was pretty silly of me. Cheers for that, have a lovely day!

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