Possible error in "Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph"

Unfortunately, I cannot add links yet, so I had to work around that while creating this post:

The assignment states:

" Now nest the existing a element within a new p element (just after the existing main element). The new paragraph should have text that says “View more cat photos”, where “cat photos” is a link, and the rest of the text is plain text."

If I enter the below code, it fails:

 View more <a href="<any link>" target="_blank">cat photos</a>.

When I change the href for to www-dot-freecatphotoapp-dot-com it passes the tests. Looks like either the tests need improvement, or the assignment.

How can I help improve it?

note it says “the existing a element”
if you change the href attribute it is no more the existing a element

Ahhhh, Reading is a skill. Thanks.