Possible Grammar Error in Step 24 "Learn CSS Colored Markers"

Hi everyone,
I was reviewing the directions on Step 24 in the CSS Colored Markers activity, and I found a typo in there. Here it is(see bolded terms and the link below):
“While the red and blue markers look the same, the green one is much lighter than it was before. This is because the green color keyword is actually a darker shade, and is about halfway between black and the maximum value for green.”
Did mean to say “green color”?
Step 24 (CSS Colored Markers)

@christinebelzie you need to lower the intensity of green color

RGB(red=0,green,blue=0) => RGB(red=0,green=lower,blue=0)  

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Hi Rocky,
Just to clarify, I’m mostly focusing on the misuse of a word in the directions. “Green color keyword” sounds grammatically awkward.

CSS except the color instead colour

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Keywords in any programming language are reserved words that aren’t supposed to be used as variables. This is probably why the text says “green color keyword” which is actually pretty accurate for its context.


I think ‘green color keyword’ is consistent with typical usage here if I understand correctly. It is the ‘green’ ‘color keyword’.

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I don’t understand what you mean. OP might mark a reply as the solution… If they don’t, one of the mods will eventually. There is zero need to beg OP to give you a checkmark.

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Dude! You’re doing great by helping others. Keep it up!

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