Possible to merge two accounts?

Possible to merge two accounts?
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I have two freecodecamp.com accounts, but I would only like one. On the one I want to keep, I tried changing my email address, but the email address I want to use is in use by the new account. Is it possible to somehow merge the two? Or just delete the new account so I can then change the address on the old one?



Ugh. I think I just answered my own question :slight_smile:

I’ll report back if I still have problems.


If you aren’t opposed to deleting one of your accounts, that should work. At one point I think I heard that the delete account button wasn’t working. If that’s the case, you’d have to wait for the bug to be fixed.


Yup, that was it. Just missed it the first time I looked. This 2FA-only thing is taking a little getting used to :slight_smile: