POST not working after following tutorial

REST API tutorial

I’m following this along and when I go into Postman to test the POST when adding a new workout, Postman just sits there, sending, and nothing happens. It spins endlessly. I sent the request and went to lunch , came back and it’s still sending. I copied and pasted everything he put in the examples just to make sure I didn’t have a typo or missed a line. Not sure what to check. Any guidance would be awesome. Sorry this is so vague.

*Made sure the localhost was spun up
*Shut down VS Code just in case it couldn’t update the database while open
*Went through the tutorial again to make sure I didn’t miss any code

I got it to work. The ONLY thing I changed was in POSTMAN. I changed the raw in the body to JSON. It worked perfectly after I torched everything and started again from scratch.