Posting Certification Code in GitHub as Experience?

Good day Campers,

I just finished the first section of the responsive web design.

I want to run my VS Code along freeCodeCamp:
I wish to commit every correct finished code through VS Code to GitHub to showcase my skillsets. It would be a great motivator to reach my goals: Full-Stack PERN and MERN + Rust Software Developer.

All accreditation would be given to freeCodeCamp, loving the Learning Environment and Community.

Appreciate the Time,
Happy Camping.

what question do you have on this? you seem to have already a plan

Appreciate the reply ilenia,

I’m new to code, so don’t now what lines not to cross when it comes to copyright ens.

I’m guessing by the reply that if I give freeCodeCamp the accreditation, I may use it on GitHub?

Thanks in advance.

there is no copyright to consider on certification projects, you complete them yourself. freeCodeCamp is only providing the user stories to follow.

Or do you mean the practice projects? I don’t see the point of putting those on your github, as they are guided projects.

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