Potato Power - Product Landing Page

Hello Guys,
I just completed Product Landing Page. Would Love to get some feedback…
Link to the site is here --> Potato Power

Thanks for reading this … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @joykishan_sharma :wave:

The site looks alright! You reminded me about a friend whose computer used to crash while playing agario :smiley:

I see that you have some errors in CSS and HTML validators, you should check that out.

Other than that I would only adjust the buttons on hover. In my opinion:
-submit button should change the cursor to a pointer
-all buttons would look better if they had some hover effect. like a slight shadow or color change . I think such small accents are impactful.

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Thanks @kubus0212 for feedback , that was really informative. I will make changes to the code. :smile: :+1:

I checked HTML on this site and CSS on this site. Both of them showed no error. Would you please point me out where should i improve the code.
Link to GitHub Repository is here.

Thanks. :smiley:

I checked the errors directly in Codepen by clicking ‘analyze HTML/CSS’ and it raised a good couple of red flags. Now that I look at it, it’s almost all about spacing, so I guess it’s just a copy-paste issue. My bad :wink:

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Yeah…it’s also my fault… I like it use ‘Tab’ for “Code Indentation” with “Indent width : 4” :smile:

This is a really creative landing page!
I really like the design of this.
I would suggest that you add the scroll-behavior css property to html, body and set it to smooth like this:

body, html {

This makes the scrolling animated when you click on one of the nav buttons.

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Actually I think everyone does. I do it as well. But maybe with some copy pasting the spaces got mixed up and formatted weirdly - idk.

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Thanks @ConnerOw1115, I will add that immediately. :smiley: