Potential Misuse of Forum Content by Potential Employers

@moderators I’m a bit concerned about Campers raising issues regarding workplaces and employers on the forums, as potential employers could use that information against them. Campers who have identifying information in their display names or profiles and those who are junior developers appear to be particularly vulnerable to this exploit.

It is ultimately a Camper’s responsibility to moderate this risk; however, I also think that many Campers treat this as their “home” and that it’s the only place to get work related advice.

If this is indeed a problem, the only suggestion I have at the moment is a subforum that grants only the thread starter anonymity, and is strictly meant for getting advice of this type. Discourse appears to have an anonymous posting mode, but I’m not sure if it can be that specific.

This is a sensible thing to be concerned about.

If a specific post crosses the line, feel free to flag it with a note about your concerns and the mods will deal with it :slight_smile:


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@JacksonBates Thank’ee for taking the time to look at this! :slight_smile:

My concern is that Campers may accidentally cross their own lines without knowing, not such much them posting anything that cross any lines of other people. I think most Campers actively avoid naming anyone, but that doesn’t really help themselves if a potential employer chooses to gauge their personality and aptitude using forum posts.

For example, let’s assume a scenario where a Camper would like advice on what to do about an employer intending to terminate her contract earlier than what was promised when she was offered the job, some of the below could then happen:

  • Another Camper could suggest to the troubled Camper that she should just start doing the minimal amount necessary and plan for her exit. Whether the troubled Camper takes this advice or not, her current employer could potentially use this information against her—even if she hasn’t taken the advice and is still working hard
  • A potential employer could treat such a post as an indication that the troubled Camper is not resilient or that she performed poorly at her previous workplace

We could monitor posts and remind Campers about what they say may potentially make them vulnerable, but I don’t think that’s sustainable and, ultimately, it may stop people asking for advice that they (probably) can’t get anywhere else.

I hope I have explained it a bit clearer and haven’t just repeated myself! Please don’t hesitate to tell me if I’m just being paranoid, too. :slight_smile:

I know the post you are referring to :slight_smile:

To be honest, the likelihood of this being a real issue is minimal - an employer would have to link the username to the real person.

It’s not mod territory, really - but still, if you do see something, feel free to flag it for review.

Alrighty, noted! :slight_smile: