Potential Product Landing Page Feedback

Hey Everyone!

I’ve completed the Responsive Web Design Cerificate and am currently building a website based on this Product Landing Page challenge. Check out my landing page and let me know what yall think! Also, how does one go about adding social media icons to a website?


The nav and the footer are too low contrast for accessibility standards. Form and button could be aligned better. As the screen narrows the nav and the logo should be repositioned. Gary simon has a free youtube video on design for coders. Learn the 5 design principles and that’ll fix most of it.

The market is a competitive place. Make sure your site looks and functions better than your competitors’.

I like the colors. Make sure the nav and footer use a complimentary color.

I really like your website, the nav is a bit complicated, some mistakes that many people make are:
-The brand’s value proposition is not clear.
-It is not understood what services and / or products are offered.
-Contact channels not found.
-Users are exposed to an excess of information.
-Slowness or lack of elements in the design.
For icons there are two ways to do it: adding the social media icons manually or with an icon plugin. Using a plugin is an excellent option as it doesn’t require a lot of technical skill. However, most do not include other less popular social networks. If you don’t find an option in the plugin to add your particular social profile, you`ll have to do it manually.

Thank you for the feedback @tlc35us. I’ll be sure to check out that youtube vid link for the pointers.

Thank you @Pilot199 . I definitely will be addressing the nav issues and the better market the brand in the market place. You really gave me some things to consider regarding the potential website. Thanks again.

I’m glad for you, hope you can successfully finish your website!!

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