Potentially Helpful to Fellow Self-Learners

There is a charming and helpful YouTube personality, RealToughCandy, who makes videos geared towards people starting out in tech. She interviewed me and 5 other “self-learners” on self-learning in 2019.

I am providing the link to the article here just in case how we answered the questions could be of use to some of you “self-learners”!

Good luck,


Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m a beginner and I found this experiences and interviews useful for my learning.

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I’m glad! I wish you luck and perseverance!

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Cool, thanks for sharing.

I’ve been following realtoughcandy on Instagramand YT, I like her no nonsense, sometimes funny videos related to webdev and freelancing. (freelancer here too.)

I’ll follow you on Instagram. I’m @owel.codes there.

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Your productivity is inspiring!

I’ve got a Himalayan mountain or two to climb, but my eventual goal is to combine audio stuff with software one day.

I’ll keep in touch with you!

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Thank you. I’m still climbing mountains, one step at a time, one day at a time.
It’s a never ending learning process, but if you enjoy learning, making stuff - it’s going to be fun.
You can combine a lot of disciplines together!
web frontend, backend, IOT, electronics, software, hardware, audio, music, etc.

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That’s what’s so exciting about this field!

Alas, it seems imagination is a pre-requisite to longevity and motivation. I went to a Meetup in San Diego hosted by ex-MySpace CTO Dmitry Shapiro and his new startup (goMeta–I highly recommend everyone to check out what these guys are doing) and he said that if you don’t have any ideas for apps then you probably shouldn’t be coding because your life will more-or-less be hell.