Practice Discipline

Hello everyone,

I am interested in implementing data structures in C++ to improve my coding skills. So far, I implemented queue, stack and linked list. I kind of lost my enthusiasm since there is no motivation source other than my self-motivation. Do you have any recommendation to keep yourself motivated when you just code for coding? For instance, I developed a Telegram group bot, that served for a purpose. Informing the group members that I would develop the bot, kept me motivated in the development phase.

I think that you’ve really hit on answer with your bot. Come up with a project that you actually want to use when its completed. Think about problems or inconveniences that you deal with - or maybe some tool that you use that you just wish were different.

I think the best way to stay motivated is not worry about Motivation at all. From my personal experience (coding and sports) starting (google the 2 minute rule) and make a habit out of it. Motivation always varies and you don´t want to depend on it :wink:

Do you have any recommendation to keep yourself motivated when you just code for coding?

I joined Instagram about summer last year, mainly just to keep in touch with my daughter in college. But posting on Instagram has sort of become a motivation tool and daily journal for me.

I post code snippets, demo my projects, talk about things I’ve learned, and things I’m currently learning.

Also have made friends with other people that are like minded. I see their project and get inspired and wonder if I can do something similar, and then post my own projects. Other people see my project and gets inspired and the cycle continues. If I’m stuck with a problem, there are people more knowledgeable than me that points me in the right direction or give tips.

Honestly, learned a lot and pushed myself beyond my comfort zone doing this. There’s a big coding community on IG. It’s not just about food, fashion or travel.

Like @ArielLeslie said, the bot is a good idea. Unless you’re a pure CS geek, studying data structures on their own is boring. Using them in a project that actually does something interesting is a good way to keep your motivation up.