Practice JS,html,css

Few questions…

  1. What is best way to practice JS,what codes are worth practicing and what functions should worth more then others(understanding them not learning just to forget them) ?
  2. What book would you recommend about JS ?
  3. Is JS enough to make things like twitch,facebook,mixer,scribd,freecodecamp,netflix,amazon ?
  4. This last one is complicated maybe should be topic. But should one hope for a job(some job that will pay some money for living expenses), or or should one hope to create jobs ?

1: This is for everyone diffrend some people learn more about making lessons and others learn more for making their own projects.
2: Eloquent_JavaScript is a book I am reading myself and I like it.
3: You would need alllot of server for that as well. Since they store allot of data. Their quite complicated and take over at least 5 milion to complete. But, you can make a more simplified version of them.
4: Depence on where you live really and what your style of work is.

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keep practicing
go to one of the sites that will let you practice the language like a game (codingames, codewars etc)
find a project that interests you and work on it.
in both cases it is practice.
you will find that the stuff worth remembering is the stuff you use most often. But never trust your memory completely, go refresh your memory now and then, you could be forgetting a secondary feature that would be really useful

“You don’t know javascript” is a nice book series, available for free online, or you can buy a paper copy
and there is also Eloquent JavaScript

it can be enough, at least for the front end - it is much easier instead to use a framework, (Vue, React, Angular) which is an higher level of abstraction and make it easier to build such things. (doable with vanilla javascript, but not recommended, by anyone)
there is also a backend needed, and as backend language, there is NodeJS, if you want to stay with javascript, or many others. And also a database language is needed. Also here there is a few to choose from. Plus security and encryption and stuff.
(tl;dr: you don’t know enough to do a full-stack app after just HTML/CSS and JavaScript)

in both cases, it will depend on what kind of job you want it to be (just work for a company and just deal with the code, or freelancing and you also need to market yourself? and other stuff to consider), and what you can offer. (what would someone gain by hiring you? be that as contractor, employee, freelancer… what can you offer? what value do you bring to the table?)


Do you work ?
DO you have purpose xd

I am a full time student.
As occasional or part time job, I have done:

  • cleaning services - value? I clean your boat while you get to not do it and instead have fun
  • tutoring - value? I help you understand stuff, and raise your marks in school
  • renting a property - value? I give you a nice place to stay during your vacation
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Ieahleen is the coolest and most practical teacher I have ever had.
She has the purpose of being awesome and help people around here preparing for jobs and future careers. Not only does she does that, she get great marks as well and it be a shame not to notice her. Only a fool would underestimate her.

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What is your ideal job ?

  1. Build stuff. If you need it, it’s worth knowing.

  2. Both books suggested are good, few more exploringjs and a list.

  3. No, you need a backend. It will also get nearly impossible to do the front-end in plain JS without some help from libraries and frameworks. The sites you listed are super complex.

  4. Not really sure what you are asking here? You can hope for whatever you like, it’s passive (unless you believe in magical thinking). Striving and taking actions, is active. Do you want the responsibility of having your own business?

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I do not have an ideal job. I do not have a dream job either.
I will follow the “So good they can’t ignore you” way, it seems the only way to really find something worth doing.

“So good they can’t ignore you” it’s a book, in case you are wondering. By Cal Newport.

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Its s own busines with people who want same thing.
Like same passion and working towards that goal.
Or just to work for someone without passion.

Why would working for someone automatically make them without passion?

The choice between the two (ultimatums) you have given seems obvious. But not very nuanced.

Well where I come from

example if you like music and you are playing it it s your passion but older people will tell you to drop it caus there is no money there.

Or you are great in sport but cause of coruption and some other things kids are forced to do something else.

What am trying to ask is would it be crazy to try and figured it out and create something that can solve this problems. And spend lot of time doing it maybe for nothing. Or just look to find some boring job .

Just because something is your passion doesn’t mean you can make a living from it. That is just people with more life experience, that care about you, telling you it might not be a realistic idea. Don’t let them hold you down, but listen to what they have to say.

OK, I don’t really know what to say here.

Why does your job have to be boring?

Follow your dreams as much as you like, but try to be realistic about it.

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you gave us really valued advices. thanks!

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