Practise Node.js

I followed 5 courses on Node.js by now, obviously including the documentation on freecodecamp.
I think I saw most of the basic theory there is to see, so now I would like to move on to the more practical side of things: doing standard projects and then comparing them with how a real developper would do it.

For example, I did Wes Bos JS30 challenge, where you get 30 regular javascript challenges and then can compare your solution with his or just watch his solution in a video if you can’t find it yourself.
Would anyone know if anything like that exist for node.js projects?

Thanks in advance.

Have you looked at Brad Traversy on YouTube? He has some neat Node.js projects. Daily Tuition has a video on Node that has 5 project ideas.

There’s also some project ideas over at The Odin Project.

Also, the Net Ninja has good tutorials too but I’m not sure if he has a lot of projects

Sidenote: I’m going to like this post as a future reference when I go on to make projects in Node :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!!!


I think at some point you just have to start using it. In the context of web dev, with node you are usually talking about a server. I would just start building servers. You can create stand alone services or create a fullstack app. You can come up with your own project ideas or search for things like “backend project ideas”. Remember that they aren’t going to care as much about how good of an idea it is - they will be more interested in how well it is coded. Just build stuff.

Thanks, but that’s what my problem is.
I have no experience whatsoever, so in order to make sure it’s “well coded”, it’s extremely useful to try something myself and then compare it with the project and workflow of an actual pro .
If I just do stuff on my own it’s not going to be well coded and I will have nothing to compare to.

Thanks, I will check those out and let you know if I find something useful myself.

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I don’t know, you’ve done a lot of learning…

Look, don’t worry about perfection. You will learn more by doing some bad coding and learning from your mistakes than being paralyzed out of fear of making mistakes. I think a better plan would be to start building things, learn what you can from your mistakes, and then ask people (perhaps on this forum) to review your code.

That being said, if you go on youtube you will find a lot of people coding sites - you could watch or code along with those to see other people’s patterns. Keep in mind that there are many valid approaches.

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Hi, just finished doing the projects from The Odin Project, that was more or less what I was looking for, so thank you very much for mentionning it, the others I found less useful.


You’re welcome. Glad I could help. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

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