Premier projet page hommage

voila mon premier projet concernant la page hommage

Hi @siham!

A few things.

  • For future projects, try to make your page look a little different than the FCC sample. Remember the projects only have to be functionally similar (pass all tests) not stylistically similar

  • You have a few errors in your html that need your attention. Please run your code through the html analyzer in codepen.

  • The center tag is not longer used in html 5. Use CSS instead.

  • The br tag should only be used when line break are significant like in poems or address. You should use CSS instead to create space between elements.

  • Please do not use inline styles. Keep your css in the css section.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

Salut, merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire.

  • svp pour la 2eme rĂ©ponse, comment faire exĂ©cuter le code via l’analyseur html dans codepen ??.

  • pour la dernière aussi, comment garder le css dans la section css??
    Merci encore .

salut @jwilkins.oboe.
C’est bon pour la 2eme reponse alors je veux une reponse pour la derniere merci d’avance .

Hey @siham!

Don’t use CSS in HTML section use only in CSS section.

Hey @codely
je pense ce que j’ai fait dans mon code non??

You mean “what in my coding is wrong”?

je veux dire que je n’est pas utilisée CSS dans la section HTML!!!

Yes, You didn’t. I checked your code. You should ask @jwilkins.oboe.

OK, merci beaucoup @codely.

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Hi @siham!

If I remember correctly one of the errors was a misplaced font size inline style but that was cleared up when you fixed the other errors in your html.

Your good now.

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Hey @jwilkins.oboe, @codely
D’accord, merci beaucoup pour votre aide