Preparation for Larger Company vs Start-Up

Greeting fellow Campers.

I hope this is not too broad of a question, but is there a recommended approach in portfolio building, internship and volunteering experience, say if I wanted to work for a larger company(I understand a lot of large companies are still “Start-Up”)? Will these companies even hire a potential candidate without prior professional experience?

I am still new to the world of coding/web development but would like get on the right track for what my interested are in.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

With a start-up try to showcase a variety of skills and the ability to wear many hats. For a more established/larger company, think more traditional. They’re less likely to look at your GitHub and more likely to care about specific and concrete achievements.

The more traditional the company, the stronger the bias is going to be toward traditional education or prior professional experience.

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Thanks for you quick response Ariel. Once I start looking for opportunities, things will probably become more clear. :+1:

I think there can be small or large companies, and small and large startups.

I think the SMALLER the TEAM (doesn’t matter if it’s company or startup), you’d be more valuable if you know/can do a lot of things and are flexible. Anywhere from UI/UX/Graphics Design to database schema design, tuning/performance and every position/job in between (frontend to backend coding).

While if you’re on a LARGE team, you may just be a small cog in the whole machine and restricted or assigned only to a specific task/duty.

I think your best bet is in a company that is looking for entry-level positions, that they’re willing to groom/train (could be a company or large startup). Instead of in fast-paced team that doesn’t have time to handhold other people.

Yes, this would be an ideal situation for myself or any other candidate. Thanks a ton for you thorough input. :+1: