Preparing for a Programming Job

Good afternoon,

I am getting out of Social Work and would love to get a programming job. I want to have a great portfolio of work and get a programming job/internship.

I am pretty new to the field, like completely new. Does anyone have any advice for making a portfolio and projects that beginners can do? Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Welcome!!! Cherishknowledge!! :smiley:
There seems to be a lot of people who want a career change. I am one of them. haha

To start, you should start learning how to program and get yourself familiar with what is going on in the industry. Things like…

  • What sort of technology is out there?
  • What type of computer languages is on demand that everyone is using?
  • What are people building with these codes!?!?

When you mentioned that you want a programming job, what specific area are you looking into? Software, Hardware, Web Dev, etc

If you are looking forward to building websites, you should hit up the academic map to guide you through the basics of front-end web development. From there, practice a lot.

In terms of advice for making a portfolio. You’ll get to that yourself when you know the codes. :slight_smile:

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