Prepros has spolied my CSS file in VSCode

Hello, I am concerned. I am developing my first web page from scratch and I made tha bad decision of download the prepros in order to don´t push F5. I drag all the carpets (HTML, CSS, Jquery) to Prepros software and all the CSS files turn into a prepros file, I mean, all my CSS labels turn into something completely unintelligible for me. So I decided to erase the prepros file that had replaced all my CSS files thinking that my CSS files would back. But this didn´t happen! To make things worst, I went to the CSS folder in my laptop (the source) and all the files are no there, just dissapeared! This first project took me two weeks of reading information, watching tutorials, hours and hours of try and failure. I am really upset about this. Is there any chance to recover my CSS files? HTML and Jquery files have not been banned.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.

Hey there @mallquimarco :wave:,

Unfortunately, There is no way to undo everything that was changed in the file, especially when you made a lot of changes and undoing the changes already. As I know, there is no way to recover your data, unless you backed it up already.

The only way you could get this back if you already backed this up in your PC, or if you posted the code into GitHub, etc… If you did use Git and committed the files, VSCode actually have a timeline feature that you can use to look at the timeline of all the commits that was stored for that particular file. But, if it’s not, then there is nothing you can really do. Just try to remember to backup your files or upload it to GitHub just incase this kind of stuff happens again.

Sorry I couldn’t help that much, but I hope this helps. If you need help using Git, I recommend you watching some Youtube videos, and ask around.

Hi @Catalactics , thanks for your answer. But what if I install again prepros. I remember a kind of meesage when I deleted the prepros file: “Yo can restore this file from the recyvle bin” and the button to delete that file was “Move to the recycle bin”. In addition I have this in my laptop carpet (I have added a img)
I think that I can restore with this files, but how?

Well, unless you deleted it when your old code is still there, you can just open the Recycling bin, and restore them

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