Prerequisites to learning React?

So I’m currently at the React section of FCC’s Front End Libraries Certification. The challenges are doable so far, but it never really explains things in full detail. It feels like I’m just following along without actually understanding how things work under the hood. I tried looking at tutorials from Brad Traversy’s React crash course to FCC’s React tutorial on Youtube but I was being overwhelmed by terms that sounds gibberish to me like DOM, npm, etc.

So do I have to learn anything in particular first before diving into React? From what I’ve seen so far, it feels like React is kind of an advanced stuff that requires a lot of prior knowledge but I could be wrong. Or are there any resources out there to learn React from a total beginner’s perspective?

I would give it a try to some Youtube videos until you find one of them that suits you, maybe a project based video.

If none of these suits you, you would give a try to “Pure React” book, that one worked for me.

PS: The best option is to complement FCC with other resources, the best one are the documentations of the tools that you are using, and trying to understand those is the most important; you can always try to use Google to clear some little doubts.

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Here’s 2 videos that may help you:

FreeCodeCamp Learn React.js -
Traversy Media React Crash Course -

Heh, I was coding with React for 2 years and still didn’t know what was going on behind the curtain. I don’t find YouTube videos to be the best place for learning, honestly. There’s very little vetting of the teachers there.

I’m actually taking a course on Udemy right now from Andrew Mead. It’s a React course, and it’s amazing. I think I paid about $12 for it. It’s a very long, thorough course that teaches about React, Redux, Hooks, and testing everything with Jest.

I tried the DIY Coding thing for years, but I’ve learned that a few well-spent dollars is worth it for a solid, professional course. There are also some great books out there that are worth having and reading.


While using react you’ll probably need some of the following previous knowledge:

  • Arrow functions and functions in general
  • Binding and closures
  • Class ES6 Syntax
  • JSX (altho they explain it during the courses)
  • Asynchronocity
  • Immutability
  • Object shallow copying (object.assing or{ … } syntax)
  • document.getElementById or .querySelector
  • HMTL and CSS
  • ES6 modules
  • Webpack’s basics (unless you use Parcel)
  • Npm/Yarn build tools
  • Functional programming basics

^ A basic understanding of OOP (object-oriented programming) would also be helpful in learning React.


Yep, I have no idea about almost half of that list. :disappointed_relieved: I think I’ll put off FCC’s React section until I learn some of that stuff.