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Ok. Sources tell me that to be able to land a job as a web developer your presence on social media should be prettty solid esp on LinkedIn. All my life I have been an introvert and my existence on social media is almost 0. I have people on facebook but I dont want them to know about my new career advancements. so how do i build a following on linkedin and twitter?

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Linked In…no idea.

Twitter: join twitter chats relevant to your interests. Chats are managed via hashtags (#) and a good one to get started with is #codenewbie. The chat is scheduled once a week, but the hashtag gets used more often. You will find that if you follow people you interacted with in the chat, they will follow you back and you can engage with them a little more over time naturally. Using a Twitter client line Tweet Deck makes following chats much easier!

As for posting outside of the chat context, sharing links that you found informative with a brief description is the best way to go. You can occasionally @ message people to engage them in conversation, but I tend to do this cautiously with people I don’t know well or that don’t follow me. Don’t just spam people :slight_smile:

Overall, just be yourself and don’t chase followers - followers will come organically. Twitter is a great platform for conversation and learning, but there is this power-marketing side which is pretty odious, so avoid being THAT person.


About linkedin… I spent a good amount of time making my profile better, and I can say that I get around 1 new job offer/week…this might help people to get a new job.
The current job that I have is with help of the linkedin platform :slight_smile: so I’d recommend!

Also I need to be more active on twitter too… seems interesting :slight_smile:


you mind if i take a look?

I’ve got a LinkedIn account and it has brought me so many job offers from sketchy people wanting me to move all over the country that I don’t even answer my phone anymore. Hopefully, that profile will be more useful someday. I regard people who can do the Twitter thing with the same mix of admiration and horror that I get from seeing people do freestyle mountain climbing or competitive eating. Like, it’s really cool that some people can do that, but I’m fine sitting in a dark room alone not falling to death or barfing. If I need a social presence to succeed, then I’m throughly squanched.

I got plenty of job offers without ever cultivating a social media presence. I have a LinkedIn, but it was just a digital version of my resume.

raaaa…thank you thank you thank you !! Oh. Wait. I guess I do need a resume, then.

@timotheap @ArielLeslie you guys made my day! I literally ended up with a migraine headache today thinking how Id manage because I seriously dont know how to use social media.

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@ArielLeslie made my day for sure - with the portfolio project I ended up linking my social icons to the landing page of each site, not to my account…don’t have one!