Pretty Awesome Viewer! Feedback Please!

Hey guys, this is probably the longest amount of time I’ve spent on an FCC project. So be sure to check out my fully-functional fully-responsive twitch viewer! Any feedback whatsoever would be very much appreciated.


~ dT-Nick


Looks awesome! No more to say, killin’ it!

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Except that text visit stream and some text disappearing (the name of the channel) for i phone 5 selection i couldn’t find any problem in responsiveness

so far this is the best organized twich project i have ever seen great job man :clap:

Thanks! And big thanks for the like on codepen too! :smiley:

Dang, looks like I’ll have to do a 320px breakpoint tomorrow! Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Great job, I always appreciate the projects that go that little bit further.

Responsive issues have already been mentioned so i’ll just say - Good job :slight_smile: .

The best twitch project I have yet to see. And it actually works! Rock on!
Where are is this hosted? Do you have a paid account on codepen?
How are you getting the

link? That seems to avoid all the iframe security issues.

Thanks Mark! :smiley:

Haha thanks a lot man! As for the link, if you view the page in debug mode (change /full/ or /pen/ with /debug/) it goes to the link - no paid account here.


Looks pretty awesome! Didn’t think someone would go this far, also you can update the link to because you used the debug link and it is expired.

Can I ask approximately how long did it take to create this?
I just finished my project, here is my link
it took me 10 hours, do you think this is too slow?
Any feedback on my project is appreciated.